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Water Fluoridation poses significant health risks to children due to their water intake / size - weight ratio.

Water Fluoridation has been linked with a rare form of bone cancer (Osteosarcoma), lower IQ and Dental Fluorosis.

Ireland and Canada have now lowered their Fluoridation levels to less than 1 part per million yet IOM DHSS continue to state that 1 part per million is "safe for all" seemingly ignoring current data and guidelines on Fluoridation from around the world.

The American Dental Association and Centers for Disease Control now both warn against using Fluoridated water for making up powdered infant formula due to a high risk of Dental Fluorosis, yet infants are the target group of water Fluoridation so where is the sense in Fluoridating if they now state not to use Fluoridated water?

No amount of fillings saved are worth the life of even 1 child dying from cancer so this issue alone should be enough to stop any proposal to Fluoridate in it's tracks.