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In the 2003 annual report of the IOM Public Health Director on Page 11 entitled Water Fluoridation  the department claim that water fluoridation is both safe and effective, they also refer to the UK government commissioned York Report as evidence (click on link below and scroll down to page 11 to see this).
The York Report was possibly the most comprehensive study of all time on the effects of water fluoridation, it looked directly at issues such as safety and efficacy.
The chair of the report Professor Trevor Sheldon was so concerned about the way the reports findings had been misquoted by various organisations that he issued the following statement (click on link to see statement)
As you can see, one of the most comprehensive studies ever could not vouch for either the safety or effectiveness of water fluoridation.
We can also expect an increase in Dental Fluorosis if Fluoridation were to go ahead. Dental Fluorosis is a condition where an excess of Fluoride in the system has interrupted the tooth forming cell process resulting in damaged enamel that is visible to the naked eye. To treat Dental Fluorosis you require crowns or veneers both expensive treatments that require lifetime upkeep by your dentist.
York Review stated that with Fluoridation you can expect 48% occurrence of Dental Fluorosis and 12.5% of concern so we believe any 'possible' benefits of Fluoridation by way of decay reduction would be far outweighed by an increase of Dental Fluorosis.
Fluoridation also contravenes human rights in that every sane individual has the right to refuse medication.